Coin Hunter Research Group

Research for the world of Cryptocurrencies

Coin Hunter Research Group, a Sydney based specialist digital asset research group and strategic advisory firm, set out to educate, guide, and give insights into the rapidly growing industry of Cryptocurrency. Their aim is to assist both investors and digital asset companies to learn about token economics and to help with the acceleration of its market adoption.

Coin Hunter Research Group came to Checkpoint with an idea for their platform that would serve each of their target markets, as well as providing custom solutions to streamline their work, keeping their business model lean.

UI/UX Design, Web Design, Development, SEO, Cloud Hosting, Cloud Management, Support


The most interesting aspect about this build, was streamlining Coin Hunter Research Group’s data for their digital asset portfolios. We are all about simplifying and automating tasks for our clients so that they have the time to concentrate on more important tasks.

Previously they had been using a shared spreadsheet, updating it manually, and taking screenshots of their graphs to share online.

Checkpoint took their spreadsheets, and using a combination of Google Sheet’s and dynamic info-graphs, displayed their portfolio weightings and other information on the front-end. A task that would have taken multiple steps, is now streamlined into 1 input.

Checkpoint also custom built a live data feed of all invested digital assets through a feed from Coin Market Cap. This gave their audience an in-depth and up-to-date information stream about the various Cryptocurrencies in their investing portfolio.

Coin Hunter Research Group Website Design
Coin Hunter Research Group Mobile Website Design
Coin Hunter Research Group Mobile Website Design


By building a platform that was easy for them to internally manage, as well as going above and beyond by automating tasks, Checkpoint was able to meet the resourcing needs of this lean digital assets start-up.