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Bioprocess, founded in 2004 by German/Australian Torsten Helting, produces and markets a range of recombinant DNA based key proteins and technologies for use in the biomedical sciences. In layman’s terms: they do some really important work when it comes to vaccines and virus constructs used for the delivery of medicine. Bioprocess has also worked closely with institutions such as the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) in the United States.

With a global reach and prestige in this field, Checkpoint set out to change Bioprocess’ digital presence by creating a global visual identity through a new website that reflects the true stature of the work they have done since the 1980’s.

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Branding Bioprocess

To get a better understanding of how to visually represent the brand, Checkpoint initially researched and learnt from the owner the scope of work the company does. From there, Checkpoint was able to draw inspiration from the scientific technical drawings and illustrations, giving guidance as to the use of potential colour choices.


The icon takes inspiration from the technical illustrations representing the sticky ends of restriction enzyme cuts, in a more a simplified form. The visual language sets out to be technical, clinical and clean representing the work Torsten conducts in his lab.

Bioprocess Logo Specimen Sheet


Bioprocess predominately conducts sales and licensing B2B, so the role of the website was simple: display clear concise information about the products Bioprocess offers with a request for quote. No fuss, no fluff.

Bioprocess Website Design
Bioprocess Mobile Website Design
Bioprocess Mobile Website Design


Bioprocess’ website prior was Flash based and, due to modern web best practices, functionally did not work anymore. This was costing Bioprocess business. With a new web presence and visual identity, we were able to create a platform that works as hard as the company it represents.