ETFs redefined

Sydney based boutique fund manager eInvest, was founded in 2017 on the principle of delivering a positive investment experience to all Australians.

The rising popularity of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) due to the convenience of on-boarding, gave eInvest the opening to use their expertise delivering some meaningful and actively managed ETFs for every-day Australians.

Checkpoint Creative was approached to craft their brand with a visual identity, construct a platform worthy of the products they so passionately deliver, and most of all, become an extension of their team.

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eInvest Branded Lifestyle Image

Branding eInvest

Researching the industry, Checkpoint found that there were many financial institutions that opted for a more reserved and safer choice when it came to their branding and colour palette choices. Checkpoint opted to do some creative thinking, choosing a bold red, with blue accented secondary colours to complement the look.


An abstract ‘E’ icon and rounded features throughout their logo may be simple but reflects eInvests core values of friendly, approachable, and simple investing.

eInvest Logo Specimen Sheet
eInvest Stationery Design


One of the bigger challenges on this project was to develop an autonomous system for each of eInvest’s product’s unit prices. This importantly allows customers to keep abreast of how their investment in a particular ETF is tracking.

A variety of different data sources, from ICE and ASX service providers, was fed automatically into the front-end of the website providing smooth and friction-less data access.

eInvest Website Design
eInvest Mobile Website Design
eInvest Mobile Website Design


With $25M invested by clients since inception, eInvest has stamped their name in the ETF market. They have only just scratched the surface with the variety of products they want to offer Australians.