Akeso Socks

A new frontier in technical textiles

How do you market a pair of socks that has claims that are so wild, it’s difficult to believe? Socks that are antibacterial, anti-fungal, and odour resistant?

Not only that, but they are odour free, made from a fire-resistant material, and you don’t have to wash them?

Akeso Socks (owned by Colan Australia) has brought to the market a game changing innovation in technical textiles called Polyacrylate (Metis PCA) Fibre, which they have adapted from their popular Personal Fire Blanket material, widely used in Australia’s emergency services.

Checkpoint Creative was approached to brand, develop, and manage Akeso Socks’s eCommerce store to sell this amazing product.

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akeso adventure lifestyle photo

Branding Akeso

With thorough research and specific target markets in mind, Checkpoint Creative was able to gain a deeper understanding of how to position this special brand in the right market place, putting the main emphasis on the performance benefits of their product.

Their product has a wide market but they focused initially on the active area such as hiking, travel, work wear, gym, running…the list goes on.

Checkpoint Creative was also asked to emphasise one of the core value propositions for this market, which was that the product is also able to aid in the treatment of skin conditions such as Athlete’s foot.

It was important to position the brand accordingly and to be as inclusive as possible


Showing movement in the logo was an important factor for this performance brand, as well as giving the versatility to be used on a range of mediums including the socks themselves.

Giving the nod to the original colour of the Metis PCA based Personal Fire Blankets, Checkpoint chose red as the primary brand colour. Akeso (or Ακεσο in Greek) is the goddess of healing, so we looked to some of the Greek alphabet symbols that complete themselves with a single stroke such as Alpha, Gamma, Phi, and Omega.

Akeso Socks Logo Specimen Sheet

Packaging plays a crucial role in brand collateral for a product like this, so is working within a budget.

Checkpoint was able to come up with a striking hanger for the socks that uses a single colour printing which helped to keep the run costs down.

Akeso Socks Packaging Dielines

eCommerce Platform

Budget was vitally important to Akeso, having gone through over a decade of combined research and development. Checkpoint had to make a big impact with our allocated budget.

As Akeso Socks had some existing infrastructure already setup with a WordPress/Woocommerce installation, Checkpoint was able to leverage this and completely overhaul the front end.

Employing some cost effective measures to speed up development time, plus a great social proof platform (such as Instagram) to spread the word, helped Akeso customers try the socks in the early phase of development

Akeso Socks Website Design
Akeso Socks Mobile Website Design
Akeso Socks Mobile Website Design


Since Checkpoint launched the new website for Akeso Socks in January 2019, the results have been very promising. Over $100k worth of sales have gone through the eCommerce section, with a strong increase in the average order value. The perceived value of the product has greatly increased, (helping to decrease the bounce rate of users hitting the website) as well as social proof of the brand with over 2,000+ new likes on Facebook and reviews being generated at an increasing rate. Akeso’s logo design is featured on one of DesignRush’s Best Logo’s articles